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Tuesday, October 1
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July Newsletter

Product of the Month - AeroScape LED Wall Sconce from Philips


AeroScape - bridging modern design with leading technology.

AeroScape wall and surface mount series features energy saving LEDs and a design that compliments modern architecture. ASW is available in two sizes to suit both building and perimeter zones as well as egress lighting zones. Four optical distributions are available to graze, flood, or provide task and egress lighting around the perimeter of a building. ASW features LEDGINE, Philips global platform, which ensures the optical system is fully upgradable as technology advances. Full range dimming and control options are available for additional energy savings. An advanced passthrough convective thermal management system ensures optimum performance and long life

More information on AeroScape Small here and AeroScape Large here.

New Product from Intense Lighting

Gravity Retrofit Mounting System

Gravity retrofit mounting system is designed specifically for the Gravity 6" and 8" remodel luminaires. The unique two piece retrofit system allows for hassle-free, clean installation in cut outs that are up to 2 inches larger.

More information here.

New Products from 

OneSpace luminous ceiling prefab

OneSpace prefab integrates LED lights with textile to create a white light ceiling surface that hides the source of light completely. It delivers excellent uniform light distribution for an enhanced daylight experience, which makes it a great functional light to work and be under. The result is beautiful homogeneous dimmable light which also improves room acoustics by reducing disturbing sound reflections.

More information on OneSpace here.

ColorReach Powercore

ColorReach Powercore, RGBW/RGBA/RGB high-performance LED fixtures are premium exterior long-throw dynamic color-changing luminaires for lighting tall buildings, bridges, and iconic structures. ColorReach Powercore offers a range of accessories that allow for customizable beam angles for floodlighting, spotlighting, wall washing, and grazing, along with the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of Powercore technology in a rugged die-cast aluminum housing.

More information on ColorReach Powercore here.

121 LED Wall Sconce

Philips Gardco LED wall sconce 121 offers distinction through its styling, powerful optical design, array of distributions, and impressive selection of control possibilities. Designed to add an element of style to your application by pairing straight lines with rounded edges, 121 will complement a wide assortment of architectural styles and designs, while delivering high light levels and functional distributions. 121 sconces are available in Type 2, 3, and 4 distributions, and provide output of up to 10,103 lumens. Energy saving control options help to increase energy savings. Emergency Battery Backup option available for path-of-egress and is integral to the luminaire.

More information on 121 LED Wall Sconce here.

RoadStar LED Architectural Roadway

Stand out from the crowd with a striking design statement. Philips Lumec outdoor luminaires embody the epitome of sophisticated aesthetics, precision engineering and uncompromising quality, and the next generation Philips Lumec RoadStar LED architectural roadway luminaires are no exception. With two luminaire sizes and a wide range of options, RoadStar luminaires create an unrivaled crossroad of artistic style and high-performance functionality, so your design can make a powerful impact in any outdoor area.

More information RoadStar Small here and RoadStar Medium here.

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