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Tuesday, October 1
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Technology of the Month - Tunable White Fixtures


Tunable White Fixtures



White tuning allows for changing the color of light from warm to neutral to cool in appearance, which may be desirable for a range of reasons, from aesthetic to medical. Such tuning of white light can be used to:

·         Provide apparent cooling or warming to a room . This can create psychological effects – for example, by using cooler-colored light to make occupants feel cooler on a sweltering summer day, or the reverse.

·         Match room finishes , especially when they change on a seasonal basis, or when a space undergoes an interior-design remodeling or a branding/theme change.

·         Suit the preferences of a new tenant , owner, or user.

·         Simulate daylight or candlelight to set a mood , or match gallery lighting to the works of art on display. Match the color of daylight in a windowed lobby by, for example, tuning the light to be warmer during early morning and late afternoon and cooler at mid-day.

·         Assist with behavior control . Some classroom studies suggest that the color and intensity of light can be modified to calm or invigorate students, or to focus their attention.

·         Support the human circadian system . Light plays a key role in setting and regulating the body’s biological clock. Both the intensity and the spectral content of light can be used to stimulate or suppress the secretion of melatonin and other hormones that in turn affect our mood, alertness, and health. Although the exact mechanisms and effects are not yet fully understood, this may be an important consideration for industrial and medical spaces as well as senior- living facilities, prisons, dormitories, and high-density housing.

·         Correct circadian misalignment . Varying the light color and intensity may be used by medical professionals to treat jet lag, sleep disorders, and other conditions.

·         above reference U.S Department of Energy

You can learn more here.

Call you sales representative at Getty Associates for information on our partners and their tunable white offerings.


New Products from 

Calculite LED Round Gen3

Philips Calculite LED Round generation 3 specification-grade downlighting delivers exceptional visual comfort and optical control, extraordinary mechanical precision, installation efficiency and future proofing. Now with 3 distribution types , AirSeal IC frames , 90CRI options and more/higher lumen packages . Designing on the fly and not sure which lumen package you need? Install the universal frame first and fine tune your design with the appropriate lumen package at a later time.

More information on 4" Gen3 here , 6" Gen3 here and 7" Gen3 here .

FluxGrid Recessed LED

The Philips CFI Recessed FluxGrid LED fixture offers architectural appeal with "must have" features. Two different lens styles, discrete air handling , integral emergency, and access to the boards and drivers from below make FluxGrid an ideal solution for a variety of applications.

More information on FluxGrid here .

Upcoming Events

Westburne Simcoe Counter Day

Wednesday November 2nd 7:30am-11:00am

Join Jeff Pearce at Westburne 47 Park Road Simcoe and see the Ecopower LED Flat Panel. Enjoy coffee and snacks and learn about other lighting products from our suppliers and how we can assist you with your lighting needs. Special pricing for the Ecopower Flat panel at this event!

Nedco Hamilton Counter Day

Wednesday November 23rd 7:30am-10:30am

Come have a coffee and meet Jeff Pearce and Rick Pilon from Leviton to learn about their products and how we can assist on your next lighting control project. Nedco 515 Wilson Street Hamilton.